About us

About us

Venlo began operations in 1998 with the construction of Venlo greenhouses in the Małopolska province. As the company grew, we both increased our experience and expanded our range of operations to the whole country. In 2010, the company was restructured as a limited liability company, and continued operations in Poland and abroad. Our company offers comprehensive services and care starting with the design phase and covering each stage of building up through its completion and beyond, into after sale care and support.


Our company mission is:

  1. Help the gardeners to improve their lives through:
    • suitable services,
    • sharing obtained knowledge in the discipline of greenhouses and their equipment
    • delivery of high quality materials.
  2. To be distinguished as the best company through:
    • thoroughness,
    • credibility,
    • quality of services and materials.
  3. Help and improve oneself through::
    • continuous education,
    • bringing in good habits,
    • continuous cultivation of our abilities,
    • pushing knowledge into practice.

Our realizations

What Makes Us Special

Many years of experience

  • we have been building greenhouses since 1988; we know how, we know why, we know what.

New technology

  • we work together with Dutch companies who are worldwide industry leaders in innovation and production of greenhouses and the equipment

Wide range

  • we offer buffer tanks, shade cloth, roll-up curtains, hanging gutters, benches, and other equipment

Quality and professionalism

  • we provide high-quality materials and professional building services


  • we make every effort to complete every project on time

Consulting and service

  • we gladly share our knowledge with our clients, assist in the design phase, and guarantee care and support both before and after construction